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Meet The Team


Whitney Coble

Whitney Coble is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor certified in Perinatal Mental Health. She is also trained in Perinatal EMDR and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She believes in meeting people where they are in their journey while valuing practical solutions and skills you can apply to your everyday life. 


Whitney's primary focus is maternal mental health, including conditions such as postpartum depression and additional perinatal disorders that may occur during pregnancy and the postpartum period. She has extensive training in maternal mental health, trauma, and relationships/co-parenting that will allow her to assist in navigating any transition in your life. 


Whitney uses a therapeutic approach that is integrative and based on what you need. Your challenges are not cookie cutter nor should your therapy be. 


Tiffany Bishop

Tiffany Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor with a Masters from North Carolina A&T State University. She is certified in perinatal mental health and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. 
Tiffany utilizes CBT and Person-centered skill-building techniques to help clients through life transitions, fertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting challenges. 
Tiffany has a background in early childhood and elementary education and often works with parents who have young children. She also specializes in working with Black women, teens, and couples who are transitioning into parenthood. 

Tiffany believes in collaborating with other professionals in the perinatal field to ensure clients and their families receive holistic care. 

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